Is the harsh start of winter a new trend?

What a week we’ve had in New York. We’re off to a harsh start to Winter 2014-2015, but is it a new trend?

Thankfully, the experts and climate scientists who study this stuff for a living seem to all agree “no.” Whew. Now don’t get me wrong… of course we love snow around here. It’s our passion to clean it up and make our customers roads, parking lots and sidewalks safe from ice and snow.

But you can keep the bitter cold.

Will all the talk of global warming, we can be surprised by the blasts of polar cold that blow us away from time to time. Especially coming off one of the harshest winters in recent history last year. But according to, cold snaps occur but they do not indicate a trending downward spiral.

“On the contrary, based on simulations from numerous models we fully expect that cold extremes will become less frequent in the future due to global warming. This has been shown numerous times and follows very simple logic: as the planet warms, you get fewer cold extremes and more hot extremes.”

Dr. James Screen, a climate researcher with the U.K.-based University of Exeter who is currently in the middle of a multi-year study on the impacts of climate change in the Arctic, in an email interview with

So hang in there and bundle up for now. Warmer days are coming where we can get out there and actually enjoy the snow!

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